With no expiry

As a result of the court pre trial procedure, victims are often left with a short notification: “In this situation it is reasonable to drop any criminal proceedings that, however, can be re-taken at any moment, if the new circumstances occur”. At this moment it seems that luck is the last and only thing that can lead to getting new evidence and finding the perpetrator. Although everything has been done, every tiniest detail analyzed, the case itself has not been resolved.

No matter how bad the situation may seem to be, you should not give up at this point. In many cases punishment or any other penal sanctions may still be imposed after 5 to even 30 years since the actual criminal act has been committed. We strongly believe that many cases might have resulted in finding the perpetrator, if there were people ready to invest money in private detective who could make every effort to investigate the issue.

Very often we exactly know who the perpetrator is and the only missing thing is the right evidence. Sometimes imprisoned person is innocent and law enforcement authorities find the case closed. This is the moment when the private investigator might be of help and look into the case again, analyze the situation and the collected evidence from a different angle and offer some new solutions.