Searching for pieces of art and other valuable items

A few years ago miss Emily found herself in trouble and needed some cash urgently. Bills don’t pay themselves, kids don’t provide for their schoolbooks, ingrediends for a dinner don’t appear in the fridge out of the blue. She decided that the best thing to do in this situation would be selling her jewellery she had kept for a long time, but had never had a chance to wear.

She valued all these precious things and put them for sale. She left only her grandmother's necklace, which apparently was a part of her family heirloom.

Just after a couple of days she found a buyer. A man who was nice, polite and – what is more important – really interested in buying all of her jewellery.

Very glad and proud of herself Miss Emily was a walking happiness for a few days not until the moment she came back home one day and discovered all her jewellery had been gone. She reported it to the police but both the thief and the jewellery had never been found. Believe or not, such cases are not rare! In Germany a burglary and a theft happens every two minutes. Sometimes only worthless things are missing, in other cases antiques that have sentimental value or things that would never be sold for any price.

What lesson should we learn from Miss Emily's misfortune? Is there anything we should pay attention to? How can we protect ourselves from theft?

First of all, we shouldn't scrimp on good locks, anti-bulglary doors or best home security systems. We shouldn't keep our valuables lying astray, as this makes them an easy target for a burglar. The best option is to hide them in a few places. Separating valuables can protect us from loosing them all in the case of bulglary. Even if a thief finds one or two hiding places in your home, he can overlook the rest of them.

We strongly reccommend to take photos of your valuables just before you hide them. Pictures can help identifying your things and be a great proof that they actually belong to you. It is always good to ask a trusted friend or a family member to keep those pictures at their place – please remember not to leave them at home!

Unfortunately, if bulglary and theft have already happened, you should contact us as fast as you can. Every minute counts here!

Our detective agency is one of the few that takes cases of stolen works of art. We cooperate with people and institutions having specific expertise in this area and provide top-quality services. It doesn't matter if it is a grandmother's necklace, your life savings, electronic devices or a very precious painting, we are ready to do everything that is of any help to you. Perhaps another examination of the case done by our investigation team will shed a new light on the matter.