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Domanski Private Investigation Services specialize mainly in uncovering the wrongdoing committed by management, employees or third parties in the business sector, searching for missing pieces of art and other precious items, execution of dismissed or resting cases as well as searching for missing or kidnapped people. At the very first glimpse it may seem very little. However, focusing on the small field throughout all the years of our presence on the market is the main reason why have managed to develop and master many effective methods of work.
In order to do our job even faster and more effectively we not only work in Germany, but also in Poland, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We cooperate with many specialists and institutions, law firms, military medicine institutes and FBI. Many years of hard work, completed training and excellent knowledge of law have enabled us to complete a vast amount of cases with high efficiency over the last few years. No matter how long the case lasts, we always provide a consistent and honest results for the Client.
If you want to hire us you should remember that the private investigation service is completely different from what you may imagine while watching a detective movie. In a real life situation you cannot hope for luck or for the perpetrator to plead guilty because of remorse he has. Instead of hoping for such miracles, we prefer to follow our motto: German precision, Polish creativity. This involves a reasonable amount of planning, a huge experience and lots of hard work, which makes us one of the best detective agencies in the private investigation business sector.


Missing people

When someone who is important for us doesn't come back home one day, it is usually a huge surprise. However, this situation is not as bad as it may seem to be. No matter if it is running away from home, escaping the legal prosecution or kidnapping, it leaves some traces that private detective may follow and easily locate the missing person. So why so many people are still reported missing these days? We need to bear in mind that perpetrators want to influence the seeking process by witnesses intimidation or by pretending a concerned citizen who offers help or by corruption in law enforcement. What is more, the police officers charged with a task to localize a missing teenager may reveal their dismissive attitude. It isn't of course due to ill will but complex law procedures. Hundreds of annual incidents of teenagers missing are reported to the police. Some of them are closed eventually as cases with no harm to the individual – as young people come back home after a day or two. However, if you remain dissatisfied with the police search and you do think that something bad has happened and you are concerned about your child, family member or a friend, hiring a private investigator may be a perfect solution. There are all chances that a detective consultation may help to plan a searching of a missing person effectivelySearching for people that are hiding on purpose is a slightly different matter, as those people always try to cover their tracks. In most cases, however, they are people that don't have specific knowledge and act instinctively under a big time and emotional pressure. That is why they tend to make mistakes that are easy to trace, which, in turn, improves the chances of the private detective to close the case with a success.In each and every situation when you are looking for a missing person do not hesitate to contacts us. We guarantee that we will take it seriously and make every effort to carry out the effective searches. Just like in many other situations your fast reaction is crucially important, as the first hours after the person has been seen is the golden time when important steps are to be taken.>

For companies

As a result of the court pre trial procedure, victims are often left with a short notification: “In this situation it is reasonable to drop any criminal proceedings that, however, can be re-taken at any moment, if the new circumstances occur”. At this moment it seems that luck is the last and only thing that can lead to getting new evidence and finding the perpetrator. Although everything has been done, every tiniest detail analyzed, the case itself has not been resolved. No matter how bad the situation may seem to be, you should not give up at this point. In many cases punishment or any other penal sanctions may still be imposed after 5 to even 30 years since the actual criminal act has been committed. We strongly believe that many cases might have resulted in finding the perpetrator, if there were people ready to invest money in private detective who could make every effort to investigate the issue. Very often we exactly know who the perpetrator is and the only missing thing is the right evidence. Sometimes imprisoned person is innocent and law enforcement authorities find the case closed. This is the moment when the private investigator might be of help and look into the case again, analyze the situation and the collected evidence from a different angle and offer some new solutions.

With no expiry

After the pre-court precedure ends, victims often get a notification like this: “In this situation it is reasonable to drop criminal proceedings, which however could be re-taken at any moment, if the new circumstanses occur”. Sounds like a judgement. After that, luck is the last and only thing that can lead to getting new evidences and finding the perpetrator. Everything has been done, every tiniest detail was annalysed, and yet it didn't solve the case. No matter how bad the situation is, you don't have to give up at this point. Depending on what crim was commited, the limit of punishment ends from 5 to even 30 years since commiting. How many cases would end up with finding the perpetrator, if people invested in private detective who will make every effort to help? Because sometimes we know exactly, who the perpetrator is, and the only thing missing is the right evidence. Sometimes imprisoned person is innocent and law enforcement authorities find the case closed. Private investigator may look at the situation, at collected evidence from different angle, see it in a new way.

Searching for pieces of art and other valuable items

A few years ago miss Emily found herself in trouble and needed some cash urgently. Bills don’t pay themselves, kids don’t provide for their schoolbooks, ingrediends for a dinner don’t appear in the fridge out of the blue. She decided that the best thing to do in this situation would be selling her jewellery she had kept for a long time, but had never had a chance to wear. She valued all these precious things and put them for sale. She left only her grandmother's necklace, which apparently was a part of her family heirloom. Just after a couple of days she found a buyer. A man who was nice, polite and – what is more important – really interested in buying all of her jewellery. Very glad and proud of herself Miss Emily was a walking happiness for a few days not until the moment she came back home one day and discovered all her jewellery had been gone. She reported it to the police but both the thief and the jewellery had never been found. Believe or not, such cases are not rare! In Germany a burglary and a theft happens every two minutes. Sometimes only worthless things are missing, in other cases antiques that have sentimental value or things that would never be sold for any price. What lesson should we learn from Miss Emily's misfortune? Is there anything we should pay attention to? How can we protect ourselves from theft? First of all, we shouldn't scrimp on good locks, anti-bulglary doors or best home security systems. We shouldn't keep our valuables lying astray, as this makes them an easy target for a burglar. The best option is to hide them in a few places. Separating valuables can protect us from loosing them all in the case of bulglary. Even if a thief finds one or two hiding places in your home, he can overlook the rest of them. We strongly reccommend to take photos of your valuables just before you hide them. Pictures can help identifying your things and be a great proof that they actually belong to you. It is always good to ask a trusted friend or a family member to keep those pictures at their place – please remember not to leave them at home! Unfortunately, if bulglary and theft have already happened, you should contact us as fast as you can. Every minute counts here! Our detective agency is one of the few that takes cases of stolen works of art. We cooperate with people and institutions having specific expertise in this area and provide top-quality services. It doesn't matter if it is a grandmother's necklace, your life savings, electronic devices or a very precious painting, we are ready to do everything that is of any help to you. Perhaps another examination of the case done by our investigation team will shed a new light on the matter.

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Our Private Investigation services are based on mutual cooperation and assistance, as we believe that this is the best way to provide a top quality, cost-effective results for our clients. In order to boost our clients’ satisfaction we rely on the expertise and knowledge of various institutions, companies and experts from different fields. Depending on the nature of investigation we partner with lawyers, graphologists, history and IT experts as well as psychologists.



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From cleaners to celebrities - the client of a detective agency is a wide range. And detective work is not a scene from a crime series. He came to prosecute unfaithful spouses, to arrest perpetrators of theft and burglary, to retrieve valuable items or to look for trafficked victims. Detective Waldemar Domański talks about his experiences.




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